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Street Artists You Should Know
November 4, 2018 1 Comment
Street Artists You Should Know
There are a lot of street artists out there who are known for their unique art. Here are some of them. – interresting site about casino games.

Fans of geometry and Mondrian will definitely like Goddog’s work. The self-taught artist has a background in graffiti and creates colorful pieces that feature a mix of abstract images and shapes as well as geometric designs.

Banksy is known for his dissident epigrams and satirical street art that combine dark humor with graffiti executed in a unique stenciling technique. He’s an anonymous England-based street artist, film director and political activist. His works have been featured on walls, bridges and streets of cities in various parts of the world.

ROA creates enormous frescos that usually represent animals like birds in black and white. He’s a Belgian artist from Gand and he mainly works in Europe and in the US. ROA’s work is an allusion to the classification of species.

Kobra is known for his large and colored frescos that are painted with political messages like political messages and global warming. His works can be seen in the streets of Paris or New York.

Vhils or Alexandro Farto creates monumental frescos by transforming the traditional stencil technique. The Portugese street artist carves his stencil directly on the surface using various means such as a jackhammer or a pair of scissors. He became popular when Banksy invited him to the 2008 London Cans Festival.

Invader is an anonymous French artist who appears with a pixelized or concealed face. Much of Invader’s work consists of square ceramic tiles inspired by characters in 1970s to 1980s video games, this style is making a come-back as you can see in the new slots you can find at online casino’s like Chilli Casino that are now being released. His street mosaics can be seen in various highly-visible locations in over 65 cities in 33 countries. He also creates QR code mosaic works and indoor mosaics using Rubik’s Cubes stacks.

Fans of creepy characters will certainly like ALO’s creations. ALO is an Italian artist who primarily uses bold primary colors in his work. Many of his creations can be found in Shoreditch, London. According to ALO, the colors used in his creations depict the emotional range of each piece of art.

Tavar Zawacki, more popularly known as ABOVE, is American abstract artist whose creations can be seen in more than 100 cities in 50 countries around the world. He’s known for his “Above arrow” icon that represents his positive mentality to rise above anything that’s restraining you from reaching your goals. His indoor fine art and enormous mural works showcase his use of hard-edge painting, geometric abstraction, color field, Trompe-l’oeil and Op art painting styles.

STeW’s nature-inspired stencil street pieces are abstract, realistic, colorful and detailed. His samurai-inspired work uses various textures and textures to create a cartoonish feel.

JR has showcased his black and white photographic images in the streets, particularly in the slums. He is a French artist and photographer who describes himself as a photograffeur. JR’s works deals with streetwise identity, limits, freedom and commitment. According to him, the world’s largest art gallery is the street.

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Streetwise vs Bookwise?
September 13, 2018 1 Comment
Streetwise vs. bookwise – this is a highly emotive topic these days. So, which is really better – Being streetwise or bookwise?

streetwise | street senseBookwise describes an individual as generally well-educated and intelligent, and can do well academically. Nevertheless, the underlying idea is that the individuals deal with scenarios, especially the bad ones from an intellectual direction. Therefore, they base or use decisions on knowledge, facts, or solid insights obtained from books / studying.

This is a complete contrast to being streetwise. This describes a person who knows the ways of the world. They understand how things can be done in real life. The concept is that an individual deals with things, or matters at hand from a more practical direction and with more pragmatic considerations. Streetwise, therefore, means intelligence is not actually from books, but from real and personal experiences.

Being Streetwise is Far Better than Being Bookwise
Being streetwise is better than being bookwise since you have more situational awareness. You can easily assess the environment you are actually in; the people who are in it and what the possible available angles are. Being streetwise requires you to trust your own judgment about people and on things that really matter.

Regardless of where individuals develop it, the skills of being streetwise are of great value wherever life takes them, or how far from the streets they are. Most importantly, streetwise is better because this comes from real experiences. This means that you have learned how to properly deal with events that have happened to you, whether these are bad or good. You learn from these and definitely improve from these.

So, What Really Is It to Be Streetwise?
Being streetwise means having good environmental and situational understanding, compared to bookwise. If you are streetwise, you are aware of what’s happening around you. You’re capable of making sound judgments on particular scenarios, people and places. Above all you’re able to trust your own judgment. This can be considered as a gut instinct, and yours is said to be on point.

It also means having that basic understanding of street level, or being on the ground. You could also say that you are in the the battle instead of just looking down on it. Your solutions to tasks and problems are more likely to be logical and practical. Streetwise as mentioned is developed purely from real life and experience, just like the street art, which is an expression of this.

This comes from doing work that other people just read about. Starting from getting their hands dirty, getting stuck in, or creating failures and successes, their first-hand experiences help develop their understanding and knowledge of work, life, and the world.

This seems to be a fundamental advantage. Being from the street, in a sense, means that you have learned a lot of things and experience them in real time instead of just reading about them in books. Being streetwise also means knowing the ins and outs which can only be obtained from ‘doing’, whereas being bookwise has knowledge that is acquired second-hand from learning and reading.

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Street Magic Tricks
August 21, 2018 No Comments
Make your road enchantment speedy and to the point.

Develop short schedules that don’t delay. When you perform road enchantment for the general population, they have not paid for a show and are not expecting one, you are basically taking up their chance. It might be to demonstrate them something astonishing that will advance their lives, yet it is as yet their chance you are spending. After you demonstrate them something, they may well need to put additional time in you then that will be their decision, and you are without then to demonstrate to them some more road enchantment.

Learn road enchantment that is as visual as would be prudent.

You will discover the responses are greatly improved on the off chance that it is visual. Road enchantment has a notoriety for being outwardly astonishing thus when you perform enchantment traps for individuals out in the open this is the thing that they anticipate. The general population can be entirely legit in their feelings and brutal as faultfinders, so it is best not to disappoint them!

Attempt to utilize conventional or acquired items.

It is best to utilize things that are conventional and not enchantment props. The thought is that you can perform enchantment traps with everything without exception, so it is best to make that deception. Steer far from clear enchantment props like boxes and things you would ONLY discover in an enchantment set or enchantment shop. On the off chance that you can acquire somebody’s telephone or individual thing and play out an astounding enchantment trap with that, you will see your responses experience the rooftop.

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